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Joel Harris

Joel Harris is a singer/songwriter who makes his home in Chattanooga, TN.  Joel grew up in Southern California, where he began writing songs as a 13-year-old because he didn’t have the attention span to learn songs on the radio.  After moving to the South East, he studied for degrees in Psychology and Counseling. He spent several years in the mental health field, while still exploring the inner and outer world through music - tethered to it because of its therapeutic and restorative nature.  Joel’s songs combine the best elements of introspective music: the intimacy and raw emotion of a singer-songwriter and the dense textural layers and minimalist composition of ambient music. Through the years, he has taken inspiration from the landscapes he has lived in, including: the forests of the Pacific Northwest, the oceans and deserts of California, and the countryside of Southern England. Thematically, his songs wrestle with the darkness of the human psyche and experience, but within a daydream-like landscape of hope and resilience.  Joel enjoys walking, making large breakfasts, and reading books about Orcas.